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Welcome to Physique 22

at home in beautiful Jackson Hole Wyoming

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Who We Are

PHYSIQUE 22 is a fitness boutique focused on offering each client a continuous result producing experience that is well-crafted, authentic and cannot be replicated.


What We Do

When you come through our doors, you can expect an experience unlike any other. You will push your mind and body to their limits; every muscle group is strengthened in a technical but non-aggressive, non-impact manner making every practice at PHYSIQUE 22 as good for your muscles as it is for your joints. Each class is filled with heart pumping music, intelligent sequencing, muscle quivering movements, total body strengthening and stretching. Our mission is to unravel asymmetry in the body to tone and sculpt long, lean, healthy muscle mass.

How We Do It

PHYSIQUE 22 will expose your muscles to unique methods of movement that will help you cultivate a different definition of strength. Our comprehensive practices will move you away from the strengths that you already know exist and help you build on the areas of your body where you experience difficulties.  Each practice offered at PHYSIQUE 22 overlays to help you cultivate stamina, agility and flexibility in an attempt to increase more effortless movement, healthy physique and translatable strength.

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  • After having a baby, barre classes with Danielle got my body back! I had flatter abs and a lifted bum that my body hasn't seen since well before my baby arrived. Thank you for the amazing classes that are fun and get results! I am officially a life long client!


  • The way I feel after a 60 minute barre class cannot be explained. I feel all the small muscles of my body quivering from the hard work all the while feeling refreshed by the incorporated stretching. There’s nothing out there quite like it, and the incredible results prove it!


  • I integrated Danielle's Barre class into my weekly practice over the past couple of months. I have noticed a significant change in my tone and overall strength. I also noticed mentally strengthening, as well. This class finally offers something fun and upbeat to create lean muscle mass. I am hooked!


  • Danielle’s Barre class has absolutely changed my body and confidence in my physical abilities. For most of my life I was a dancer, however; at 26 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The thought of losing the ability to move in the way that I loved was devastating. It wasn’t until Danielle’s passionate instruction in this amazing practice called barre, that I found a new and safe way to challenge my body again! This practice has given back my strength in more ways than one! And…I must say….I love what it’s done for my booty! Thank you so much Danielle!


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